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Putt4Autism is pleased to announce the unveiling of their all new "putting grip" that is destined to be used by many golfers, pros and amateurs alike, on a worldwide basis. We have never witnessed this putting grip used anywhere in the world before, especially NOT on any of the professional golf tours. Never before has this unique grip been seen, being used by anyone playing on any of the PGA, LPGA, Web.com, European tours etc. We expect to see donations flowing in worldwide from ANYONE starting to use this new grip NOW, to benefit autism. Are you ready to "putt4Autism"?

The Grip

The new putting grip locks the 2 hands together in virtual fusion, resulting in a fixed putter head position that remains steadfast and true. This results in "laser like" accuracy in maintaining the line that you've chosen to use. In other words the putt will remain "on line' with your chosen putting line. "What you choose is what you get", so line up the putt carefully, because that's where it's going, right where you wanted it to go. (LINE CONTROL)

The new putting grip allows the putter head to stay perfectly on line with the golf ball at the moment of initial impact creating a precision impact with the "sweet spot" of the golf ball time and time again. This creates no miss hits, no scuffing the ground, and perfect impact resulting in extremely consistent putting distances.

You can now putt the ball consistently 1-2 feet past the hole if your chosen line misses. (DISTANCE CONTROL)

The new putting grip requires no stroke guidance. There is no need to guide the putter head on the backswing to create a contrived level putting stroke. The 2 hands in their fused and locked position insure that the putter head will always come back to the right impact position naturally. This results in a true and natural putting stroke free from all pressures originating from second guessing your own natural putting stroke and attempting to artificially guide it. Simply line it up and stroke it the required distance. (STROKE CONTROL)

The new putting grip is extremely effective in short distance chip shots that are within 10 yards of the green, for all of the above same reasons. It works so well that you will surely be tempted to use it from greater distances out, but we strongly advise you to restrict yourself to using it only from 10 yards in. (CHIPPING CONTROL)

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